2014 was indeed an amazing year. I published my memoir (wow, I still can’t believe I did that) and I welcomed a new love of my life ( I can’t believe I ever questioned having a third baby!). I continued to be incredibly blessed by my amazing family, including Sophie, who gave me (and continue to give me) a reason to make the most of each and every day of my wonderful life. It was indeed a busy year too. Welcoming a third child gave new meaning to the term multi-tasking. I feel sadness that this past year my blog has taken a back seat to other important things, but I know it is where it is meant to be for me right now. I am still committed to it and hope to become more regular with it again. The time will come and it will happen naturally. For now, I love to share these extra special moments that inspire me and make me smile.

Christmas was awesome this year. My children love Christmas. They talk about it all year-long. When the season arrives, their anticipation is almost too much for them to bear. And there is nothing that brings me more joy than sharing in their excitement over Christmas Day.


Ben and Lina received this circus tent, and the other day, it was set up in our living room and Sophie decided to make it her new den. She slept in it for quite sometime, poking her head out occasionally to assess the situation and show me her beautiful face.

For Christmas, I received an ice cream maker, and today we got to making some. Truthfully, I don’t think I have ever eaten chocolate ice cream so decadent and delicious. I think Sophie agrees, because as the ice cream started dripping off the table onto the floor, she became so consumed in licking it up she didn’t even realize it was dripping all over her head. We took her straight to the bathtub, where Ben and Lina got to scrubbing. Lina took her bath so seriously she put her bathing suit on and eventually got in with her! Sophie hates baths, and after she is finally out rubs herself with a frenzy on any soft surface she can find!

photo-6 photo-4 photo-3

For me 2015 comes with several serious resolutions.  After all, I am a work in progress. As Sophie and I look ahead to the upcoming year, we wish to you all the best for 2015! I hope to connect with you often. Thank you so much for following along with me. Welcome 2015!



Stealing from a baby

photoSophie never met a pillow that she didn’t like, but this one takes the cake.  She has decided that our Boppy pillow is hers.  It doesn’t matter where it is, she finds it.  If I try to take it away from her, she will wait with patience until someone inevitable throws it on the floor and then she pounces onto it.  She runs to it with enthusiasm.  I have pretty much given it to her, and I simply borrow it every now and then when I need it for other purposes. I’m not sure if it is the dachshund in her, her paralysis or a combination of both, but she loves this pillow.  In all seriousness, it is a perfect pillow for her because she can rest her upper body on it and slide her back legs in between without having to lift them up.

For those of you who don’t have children, a Boppy pillow is a pillow sold as a baby product to ease in the positioning of an infant during feeding.  We have had this Boppy for years. While I have not really found it to be all that useful for infants, it is a very popular baby product. You might be able to find one second-hand if you are interested in getting one for your dog to try.  I mean seriously, how could I not let her have this?  And don’t you just love her little foot sticking out?  She’s such a cute little thief!